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Car Parts

Due to the superior performance and low cost of powder metallurgy materials, powder metallurgy parts are used more and more widely in automobiles. Among them, there are shock absorber parts, guides, pistons and low valve seats in the automobile chassis; ABS in the braking system Sensors, brake pads, etc.; pump parts mainly include key components in fuel pumps, oil pumps, and transmission pumps; in engines, there are pipes, seats, connecting rods, bearing seats, and key components of variable valve timing (VVT) And exhaust pipe support, etc.; there are parts such as synchronization hub and planetary gear carrier in the transmission. At the same time, the automobile manufacturing industry is the largest user of MIM, and the most typical uses are engine parts and gearbox parts with high temperature and high wear resistance.

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Consumer Electronics

The electronic instrument industry is the main application area of MIM parts, accounting for about 50% of MIM parts sales in Asia. The miniaturization of electronic devices requires lower production costs, better performance, and smaller parts, which is the advantage of MIM parts. Optical fiber connector, hinge series of consumer electronics, mobile phone card holder, button, lens ring, LED ring, hinge. MIM products are also commonly used in the electronics industry, such as disk drive components, cable connectors, electronic packaging, cell phone vibrators, and computer print heads.

Fuchi website:http://www.future-sh.com.cn/

Huajing Website:http://www.hjmim.com

Soft Magnetic

Soft magnetic materials with low coercivity, also known as high permeability materials. In the power industry, it is used to manufacture iron cores for electrical equipment such as motors and transformers. In the electronics industry, it is used to manufacture various magnetic components, which are widely used in television, broadcasting and communications. Magnetic powder core is a kind of soft magnetic material made by mixing ferromagnetic powder and insulating medium. Because the ferromagnetic particles are small and separated by the non-magnetic electrical insulating film material, on the one hand, the eddy current can be isolated, and the material is suitable for higher frequencies; on the other hand, due to the gap effect between the particles, the material has a low magnetic permeability And the characteristics of constant permeability; and because of the small particle size, basically no skin phenomenon occurs, and the permeability changes with frequency more stable. Mainly used for high frequency inductors, UPS power supplies, photovoltaic power generation, new energy vehicle drive motors, etc.

Keda Website:http://kda.com.cn/

Other Parts

Air conditioner refrigerator compressor, motorcycle transmission parts, power tools, etc.

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